March 07, 2012  No comments Fans, The Hunger Games

Only 16 days until “The Hunger Games” premiere, so I thought about summing-up all the upcoming events. Today I made the list of all premieres, promotional TV appearances and meetings at The Hunger Games tour, where Jennifer Lawrence is expected to attend. It’s hard to know literally everything, so I took into the consideration only these events which were officially announced. Here’s the list:

March 8?The Hunger Games? Mall Tour in Plantation
March 9?The Hunger Games? Mall Tour in Minneapolis
March 10?The Hunger Games? Mall Tour in Seattle
March 12?The Hunger Games? Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles
March 14?The Hunger Games? Red Carpet Premiere in London
March 15?The Hunger Games? Red Carpet Premiere in Paris
March 16?The Hunger Games? Red Carpet Premiere in Berlin
March 22?Chelsea Lately? (TV)

Did I forget about something? It seems that’s all, but… I hope I didn’t miss anything! Let me know if you have any information on other events. ;-)

By the way, are you excited to see Jennifer on the red carpet? I heard that some of you have your own tickets for the red carpet premieres, lucky you! Unfortunately, if I had decided to attend one of these events, I would have to fly across the ocean…

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