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World’s Most Diserable Woman? Her name is Jennifer Lawrence

Congrats Jennifer! :-) I’m pleased to inform you that our lovely Jennifer has been named the Most Desirable Woman in the World for 2013, according to AskMen?s just-released annual Top 99 list. She was chosen in a new international poll released on Thursday by online men’s magazine after winning over the majority of the 2.4 million voters with her down-to-earth attitude.

Check out what Editor-In Chief James Bassil said about Jennifer: ‘Overall, there’s a sense that she’s a little more authentic than other actors. She’s fresh because we haven’t seen her all over the gossip pages for the past three or four years. That’s right Mr. Bassil!

Jennifer was followed on the list by Megan Fox (#97), Jessica Chastain (#89), Adriana Lima (#85), Keira Knightley (#49), Miranda Kerr (#37), Lana Del Rey (#23), Emma Stone (#20), Scarlett Johansson (#16), Emma Watson (#10), Cheryl Cole (#3) and Holly Willoughby who’s ranked at 1!

First off, watch Silver Linings Playbook. It?s fantastic. Secondly, it offers startling confirmation, (if any at all was required ? lest we not forget the Oscar nomination aged 19) that Jennifer Lawrence is comfortably set to become Hollywood?s foremost leading lady for the next gazillion years. Annoyingly for ever other actress under 25, she?s kinda got everything: looks, presence, genuine acting chops, the ability to fire a mean bow and arrow. She?s also pleasingly resolute in her refusal to adhere to any sort of stick-insect body fascism so prevalent amongst her peers. Stay just the way you are, Jen.

Sit down, relax and spend 7 minutes in heaven with 99 world’s most diserable women :-)

The Hollywood Reporter “Women in Entertainment 2012: Power 100”: Jennifer Lawrence is The Box-Office Queen!

The Hollywood Reporter sum up this year in entertainment as well. They send women to the front line – on their 100 Most Powerful Women list we can find an actress Tina Fey, singer Katy Perry and mainly women from television industry like Anne Sweeney (#1), who is the Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks and President of Disney-ABC Television Group. But wait a minute, look at 50. place, are there Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Meryl Streep? Yes, they are, and they deserve it.

The Hollywood Reporter: The 22-year-old Lawrence — bursting on the scene two years ago with an Oscar nom for tiny indie drama Winter?s Bone — can do more than open a movie or get one greenlighted: She can command an enviable $10 million salary for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which hits theaters in November 2013. In March, the first Hunger Games sealed her fate when it opened to $152.2 million, the fifth-best debut of all time, and ultimately grossed $686.5 million worldwide (she got paid a mere $500,000 for that film). And if her good fortune continues, she could soon end up collecting an Oscar nom for Silver Linings Playbook, a critical darling. (You can read more about Kristen Stewart and Meryl Streep here.)

GQ “Year 2012” list starts with Jennifer Lawrence!

One month to go until the end of 2012, so GQ made a list to sum up these 12 months in culture. We can find there The Avengers on the top of The Box-Office, Game Of Thrones as one of the best tv series and in the other hand – twitter hashtags like #yolo and Adam Levine’s acting debut in American Horror Story. But, what’s the most important thing the list starts with Jennifer Lawrence!

Here’s what they said about our Jen:

No. 01: Pore Over Every Second of Film Featuring Jennifer Lawrence

Maybe she knocked you out as a hard-bitten Ozarks teen in Winter’s Bone back in 2010. Or maybe your first “wow” was when you kept staring at the soulful?and shape-shiftingly shapely?chick playing Mystique in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. Nevertheless, odds are that 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence only started lighting up your radar for real this year.

Back in March, she was a wistful but indomitable Katniss in The Hunger Games. This fall she’s starring as Bradley Cooper’s sexy, saucy love interest in Silver Linings Playbook, which exited the Toronto film festival in September with a barrelful of momentum to wind up as this year’s heart-warmer Oscar fave. Already, though, some of us besotted Jennifer Lawrence fans are wondering when she’ll be in a movie that’s truly worthy of her.

The thing is, no matter how many glowing reviews the damn thing gets, Silver Linings Playbook is basically an Adam Sandler movie gussied up to look classy by Adam Sandler’s absence and turned into a must-see primarily by Jennifer Lawrence’s presence. Done in most by its PG-13 obligation to stay tame, meanwhile, The Hunger Games didn’t completely deserve the credibility she brought to it. Even Winter’s Bone?her best showcase so far?could easily have played like cheap and squalid Southern Gothic if it weren’t for the Jennifer Lawrence Effect.

Jennifer Lawrence continues to influence Hollywood and the world: Variety’s “Women’s Impact Report 2012”

In Hollywood, some areas are still woefully underrepresented by women despite the fact that theoretically there is true equality for men and women in all walks of life… But, to be honest, practically, there is not. Variety highlights the women who continue to influence Hollywood and the world.

This year, Jennifer Lawrence also represents the amazing women working in the entertainment industry. Congratulations Jennifer, you deserve it! :-)

She was already making rumbles in the acting world with her tough-as-nails performance in “Winter’s Bone,” landing her an actress Oscar nom, but it was Lawrence’s star-turning role in global blockbuster “The Hunger Games,” as heroine Katniss Everdeen, that has turned the actress into a household name, and one much in demand. She also was recently onscreen at Toronto in buzz pic “The Silver Linings Playbook,” from David O. Russell.

What we should know: “Moviemaking is really fun, even when the crew is different on any movie, it’s always the same kind — nice, fun and accepting. There’s a certain personality that comes with making movies, you have to not take life too seriously cause at the end of the day you’re just making movies, and having a great time.”

Word of wisdom: “Try it (acting) for a few years and if it doesn’t work out try something else. It’s one of those things that always sounds so nice, just keep going and one of these days your dreams will come true, but it’s a fickle industry and its completely random and unpredictable, it’s not like being a lawyer where you take a test and then you get to become one.”

Typical work week: “12-13 hour days; 60 hours a week”

Life-work balance: “I always have friends coming in and out of town. And when you have time off, just completely let go of everything. I hang out with the people I always do, outside of my work life nothing changes. If you have a good group then if the people around you don’t change, hopefully you won’t change.”

Charitable passions: “I’ve got a charity at home that I love called Bellewood. It’s a home for (foster care) children in Kentucky, and my family opens up our farms for the kids in the summer. It’s a school, but they also teach them how to garden and different skills — it’s a fun place.”

Jennifer Lawrence named one of PEOPLE’s Best Dressed of 2012

With New York Fashion week wrapping up, it’s the perfect time for People to announce that it has bestowed the honor of World’s Best-Dressed Woman on none other than multi-talented (and Oscar-winning!) Gwyneth Paltrow. Other women honored by the mag include our Jennifer Lawrence (rising star), Emma Stone (the red carpet ruler), Diane Kruger (The high fashion pro), and Rihanna (The Risky Renegade).

“She doesn’t let the clothes wear her,” the College Fashion blogger Zephyr Basine says of the designer looks Lawrence picked for the Hunger Games press tour. And with ensembles ranging from this backless gold gown to her copper lace sheath (both Prabal Gurung), she shows total command of style for someone so young.

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