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Scans update: Elle Magazine, December 2012

I’ve updated our photo archive with some better quality scans of December issue of Elle magazine with Jennifer on the cover. For the photoshoot which was taken by Carter Smith, Jen wore a white Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesqui?re dress and designs from Narciso Rodriguez, Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney. In the publication, she talked about saying what?s on her mind, as well as living in her parents’ condo, and her British boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. She also shared that despite her success, she still stays grounded. For more from Jennifer in Elle, check out the scans!

Scans — Elle US, December 2012

Jennifer Lawrence for Elle Magazine – Behind The Scenes video and Quotes

Jennifer Lawrence: Game Changer At 22, Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood?s most bankable starlets and an early pick to bring home gold for her role in the dark comedy Silver Linings Playbook. Maggie Bullock meets Hollywood?s next great hope?and finds the odds ever in her favor.

On dieting for a role: ?I?m never going to starve myself for a part? I don?t want little girls to be like, ?Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I?m going to skip dinner. That?s something I was really conscious of during training, when you?re trying to get your body to look exactly right. I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong- not thin and underfed.?

On her relationship with British actor Nicholas Hoult: ?[My boyfriend] is honestly my best friend, and hopefully I?m his best friend too. He?s my favorite person to be around and makes me laugh harder than anybody?We can eat Cheetos and watch beach volleyball and we turn into two perverted Homer Simpsons, like, ?Oh, she?s got a nice ass.? I never thought we?d have such different opinions on asses.?

On saying what she?s thinking: ?I never know what?s going to come out of my mouth, and it?s horrible. I don?t find it positive in any way. When I get older, I?ll be more mature and poised. And I?ll have control over my mouth. One day, I?m going to grow up?When we leave, I?m going to have a knot in my stomach. I?m going to be like, ?Oh, did I say something wrong? I?m going to get in trouble!??

On being in control: ?Acting, films, scripts, is literally the only thing I?m 100 percent confident in. I know what I?m doing. I just understand it, and I love it. When I?m on set, that?s when I feel the most at home and in control.?

On living modestly: ?Ten million dollars and I?m still living in my parents? condo?I?ve always lived in a tiny rat-infested apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in Kentucky. I think it would be very bizarre to live in a big mansion by myself.?

Jennifer Lawrence Covers Elle?s December Issue

Scans — Elle US, December 2012

As you may already know, Jennifer follows her cover of November’s British Vogue with brilliant shot for next month’s Elle! As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s flawless, one of her bests. What do you think? Which photo is your favourite? Since I can’t find these pics in such a good quality, I’d like to thank I can’t wait to see full scans and read the interview!

Scans — Elle US, December 2012

Good to be back, guys! :) I’m so happy I’m back, I’ve been having some connection issues, that’s why I was offline for almost a month… ;( Anyway, everything’s alright now, I’m coming back with more energy and enthusiasm than ever, especially because ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ premiere is coming. On that occassion, I’m planning to change the look of the site a bit, so stay tuned. ;) Apart from that, I’d like to let you know that we have a new co-web, please welcome Jen – she’ll be helping us with the site. :) What can I say more? I hope you’ll understand, and be still visiting us. :)

UPDATE: Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue UK – High Quality scans

Yesterday we showed you a sneak peek of the inside of the Vogue UK, November 2012 and today I’ve replaced them with high quality scans. From now on, more photos from the session can be seen in higher resolution and you are able to read the whole article which was written for the issue! Don’t forget to check the scans out in our gallery.

Scans — Vogue UK, November 2012

Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue UK, November 2012: sneak peek of the magazine! :-)

Hello everybody, I have for you something special! :-) From now, we can view more photos from stunning Vogue photo shoot. Its official site has updated the magazine archive and that’s why we have the opportunity to admire them. As yet, I added to the photo gallery small pictures, but I hope I’ll add them bigger as soon as it would be possible. So, what can I say more? Visit it to view them. ;-)

Scans — Vogue UK, November 2012

PS. Haven’t you seen the photoshoot yet? Click here!

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