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Jennifer Lawrence rushes to the aid of fainting woman!

According to, yesterday Jennifer and her mother Karen were walking the dog near their apartment complex when a woman walking past suddenly collapsed on the grass. Jennifer and a male bystander rushed to her aid and tried to rouse her before calling paramedics. In the end, a group of six police officers and a paramedic turned up to assist the woman, who was later given the all-clear by medical staff.

Out & About — outside her apartment, June 25

Later this day, Jennifer changed her clothes and went for a dinner.

Out & About — out for a dinner in Santa Monica, June 25

Edit: More pics were added.

Jennifer Lawrence heads to the Sheraton Hotel for lunch with a friend

Soaking up the west coast sun, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted venturing out in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday afternoon (June 23). Looking summertime stylish in a pink pastel playsuit, a black leather jacket, sunglasses and a bandana bound around her head, the 21-year-old actress and a gal pal shared a few laughs as they strolled over to the Sheraton Hotel for a bite to eat for lunch. Enjoy the pictures of Jennifer in our photo gallery!

Out & About ? heading to the Sheraton Hotel for lunch with a friend, June 23

Jennifer arrives at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California (June 22)

On Friday, June 22 Jennifer Lawrence was spotted as she closed out the work week in Beverly Hills, California. Paparazzi photographed her while she was heading to the expensive and exclusive Beverly Wilshire Hotel on the west coast. In the pictures we can also see her chauffeur who gave her a lift to the place.

Out & About ? arriving at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, June 22

Jennifer Lawrence in Hollywood – photos from June 19th

Today I also added some medium quality pictures of our dear Jennifer, she’s so funny! ;-) Jennifer was dressed comfortably in a gray shirt with black pants, as she stepped out to catch a movie, on June 19, 2012 in Hollywood. She was so nice and chatted with the photographer for a bit and made a funny face before taking off ;-D

Out & About ? in Hollywood, June 19

PS. I wish I added more photos in better quality very soon!

Edit: I replaced them with high quality

New photos: Jennifer arrives at the gym in South Pasadena

Hello everybody! :) Today I have for you some photos of Jennifer from yesterday, when she with a friend was arriving at the gym in South Pasadena. I don’t know exactly if that’s true, because another source said that she has arrived at a friend’s house, so… One thing we know for sure — she was in Los Angeles and I’ve just added these photos to the photo gallery, so check them out! :)

Out & About ? arriving at the gym in South Pasadena, June 21

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