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On ‘Joy’ set

Jennifer was spotted filming Joy in Downtown Haverhill, MA yesterday (April 14). I’ve added some photos to the gallery. You can also watch video from the set below.

On the set ? April 14, 2014 – filming ?Joy? in Downtown Haverhill, MA [link]

I’ve also added missing photos from the Joy’s set from the past few months. Check them out.

On the set ? Joy (2015) [link]

[CANDIDS] In Los Angeles

I’ve added over 160 photos of Jennifer taken yesterday. She went to see a movie and had a dinner in AGO restaurant. See the photos in 2 albums in our gallery.

Candid Photos ? October 22, 2014 – Out and About in Los Angeles [link]

Candid Photos ? October 22, 2014 – Leaving Ago Restaurant in Los Angeles [link]

[CANDIDS] In LA with her new dog

Earlier on this month, Jennifer was seen hanging out with her best friend, Laura with their new puppies together in Los Angeles. Jennifer has recently adopted a new little dog named Pippi (the smaller tan colored dog) and generously bought her friend Laura a $4500 French Bulldog puppy.

Candid Photos ? October 1, 2014 – Out and About in LA with her new dog [link]