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You may have noticed that few days ago, our team was expanded, namely one girl who had been working hard on the site during past week, joined You might not know her yet, but her name is Monika, she’s also from Poland and she’s the biggest Jennifer Lawrence’s fan who I have ever met! And today, what is the most important thing, she turns 18!!! So, I’d like to wish her wonderful and remarkable 18th birthday as well as lots of laughter, love, cheerfulness, sunshine, the best friends in the world and good marks at school ;-). Monika, may all your wishes come true! And congratulations, you are officially an adult now. ;-)

Hello everybody, as you might have noticed, yesterday I changed the look of our photo gallery! We could have been enjoying the previous one for about 8 months, so I thought that it would be a good idea to bring some freshness to that section. Adrianna, my sister spent last 2 days to bring my idea to life and in my humble opinion, she did it phenomenally! Thanks to her hard-working bee nature, we have brand new theme for the next year haha. How you like it? I hope it is much easier to browse through the photos because that was my point. Anyway, I’m going to update the photo gallery during next week, so stay tuned! I hope I get some more photo shoots of Jennifer and other stuff…

But for now, I have for you only full scans of ‘Rolling Stone’ April issue and 2 outtakes from Jennifer’s cover shoot which was taken by Theo Wenner. Take a look!

Magazine Scans — Rolling Stone, March 30, 2012
Professional Photographs — Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone

Yesterday Jennifer Lawrence was spotted grabbing up groceries in Santa Monica, CA. As we can see on the pics which were taken by paparazzi, Jennifer sipped on an iced coffee while waiting on her food to be prepared at the local Whole Foods. I added to the photo gallery 55 photos of Jen, you can check them out!

Out & About — March 23 — shopping at Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles

Bonsoir ? tous! Today night “The Hunger Games” trio, the director Gary Ross and Elizabeth Banks (who plays Effie Trinket) attended the movie premiere in Paris, France. They all looked totally fabulous when they were giving the interviews, greeting the fans, taking the photos with them and signed the autographs. For that big night, Jennifer wore a stunning black dress and straightened her hair. She looked stunning, didn’t she? :-)

Public Events — The Hunger Games – European Premiere in Paris

Stay tuned for the video interviews from the event and check out the photo gallery!

At the end, I’d like to thank Anna Maria who is helping me with the site! :) You might not know it, but she adds for you the photos from “The Hunger Games” premieres when I’m not able to do it by myself.

Edit: More photos have been added :)

Listen up, Jennifer’s fans!, one of the best fansites devoted to The Hunger Games is doing the contest where the prize is ?The Hunger Games? book signed by Jennifer Lawrence! Are you interested in? Read what you have to do below! ;-) As we get closer to the release of The Hunger Games movie, we?re thrilled to see the fandom grow in size as more and more people are introduced to the amazing series. So much so that we?ve recently surpassed two milestones of our own ? 4,000 ?likes? on Facebook and 10,000 followers on Twitter! Which all seems like a cause for celebration.

When we met Jennifer Lawrence while she was in NYC doing promotion for X-Men: First Class, we were able to snag her signature on two copies of The Hunger Games. We gave one away to our readers?back in June, and now?s the time for us to giveaway the second copy!

Here?s how you can win it:

Once you?ve done any combination of those three things,?FILL OUT THIS FORM?and you?re entered!?This contest is open to international fans and?ends this Friday,?February?24 at 10:00 PM ET. We?ll then use to choose a winner. Good luck!

Are you going to enter the contest? :-)

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