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Jennifer Lawrence turns 22 today! Happy Birthday Jen!

Today is August 15 — it means Jennifer Lawrence turns 22 today! On behalf of’s team, I’d like to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY – may all your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday Jen! <3

Reasons you’re in love with Jennifer, according to

Look, everyone knows you?re in love with Jennifer Lawrence. It?s not a big deal! You love Jennifer Lawrence so much, when your friends mention how in love you are with the Hunger Games star, you yell, ?No, I?m not!? a little too loudly and then things get really awkward for a while as you stare moodily out the window. We get it. We?ve been there. We also found five more reasons for you to love JLaw today, as if you needed them. Consider this list our gift to you and to that secret Jennifer Lawrence scrapbook you have. You know the one:

1) Jennifer?s eyeball-catching Rolling Stone cover: No one else seems to be saying it, so we will: that t-shirt is straight-up see-through, right? We won?t even going into how perfect girl?s hair looks, as you have already discussed it at length in your first and third volume of Jennifer Lawrence sonnets.

2) Jennifer?s positive attitude about casual nudity: ?I?d met her a few times, and she was like, ?You should come over and we?ll hang out.? So I go over to her apartment, and she opens the door in a towel,? Zoe Kravitz tells RS. ?She?s like, ?Come in, sorry, you?re early, I was about to shower. And she drops her towel and gets in the shower, and starts shaving her legs, totally naked. She was like, ?Are we here yet? Is this OK?? And I was like, ?I guess we?re there!?? You?re there, that?s for sure. Well, you weren?t actually there, of course. Which is for the best, as you definitely would have fainted.

3) Jennifer?s inquisitive nature: ?I was on my bus,? her HG costar Woody Harrelson says of his first meeting with the girl on fire (with your passionate love). ?And on my bus I have a yoga swing. Jennifer comes on, and she goes, ?Hi, Woody, I?m J? is that a sex swing?? Her first sentence to me.? Man, she is like a perverted reporter! Your favorite kind!

4) Jennifer?s superior urination skills: ?I?m the fastest pee-er ever,? she tells her Rolling Stone interviewer after an astonishingly fast bathroom break. ?I?m famous for it.? Well, she is now! Have you picked out baby names for your kids yet?

5) Jennifer?s constant commitment to kicking ass: Based on the trailer, we probably would have seen House On The End Of The Street regardless of who starred in it. But when she smashes in that window with a hammer and shimmies through the broken glass? That?s a Jennifer Lawrence moment right there. We hope you and this trailer are really, really, really happy together.


Happy birthday to our dearest Jennifer Lawrence!

Today is August 15th and Jennifer celebrates her 21st birthday!

I would like to wish you smile on your face, lots of good roles and success and obviously good health and happiness in life. May your days be filled with sunshine and may all your wishes and dreams come true. May this year be your best ever!

Enjoy your birthday party! ;)
We love you!

Potential Jennifer Lawrence project with the director of The Fighter, David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter) The next few days may very well determine which actress gets the golden ticket to star in The Silver Linings Playbook, director David O Russell?s follow-up to his Oscar-winning comeback film, The Fighter.

The Weinstein Co. movie again reteams Russell with his Fighter star Mark Wahlberg in the story of a man who suffers from a mental collapse and is released from a health facility determined to find the silver linings in his life. The hot Hollywood role of the moment is that of a depressed woman who, when her husband dies, goes on a sexual spree, even at the cost of her job. She befriends the man and becomes his love interest.

According to insiders, Russell is intensely screen-testing the following in-demand actresses in Los Angeles starting today and going into the weekend: Elizabeth Banks (Jennifer’s ‘The Hunger Games’ co-star), Kirsten Dunst, Blake Lively, Rooney Mara, Rachel McAdams, Andrea Riseborough and Olivia Wilde. Sources also say Jennifer Lawrence may be in the running as well but that is unclear. Russell is eyeing an August start date.

Go Jennifer! I love ‘The Fighter’, so it would be awesome if she teamed up with Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell. We’ll see.

Motion Picture Academy invites 178 new members and Jennifer Lawrence is on that list.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is extending invitations to join the organization to 178 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures. Those who accept the invitation will be the only additions in 2011 to the Academy?s roster of members. The members will vote to select the nominees and winners.

?These individuals are among the best filmmakers working in the industry today,? said Academy President Tom Sherak. ?Their talent and creativity have entertained moviegoers around the world, and I welcome each of them to our ranks.?

The list of new members includes among others Jennifer Lawrence, Jesse Eisenberg, Russel Brand, Beyonce Knowles, Vincent Cassel, Dominic Monaghan, Mia Wasikowska, Debra Granik and documentary filmmaker Tim Hetherington, who was killed in action in Libya in April.

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