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Jennifer Lawrence talks The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence has immersed herself in the role of Katniss Everdeen in Lionsgate?s adaptation of Suzanne Collins? “The Hunger Games” and she?s starting to feel like another big screen action star in the process.

?It was fantastic!? the 20-year-old actress told Access Hollywood on Thursday, when asked about landing the coveted role. ?It was great because I was such a huge fan of the books before I even knew about the movies,? she explained. ?I feel like a fan that gets to dress up? It was really, really great.?

The ?Winter?s Bone? Oscar nominee said she and co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have started intense training at a stunt camp for the upcoming movie.

?I love archery! I really love it,? the actress told Access. ?And I?m starting to do stunts with the bow and arrow, so I kind of feel like Hugh Jackman. And then I?m doing rock climbing [and] tree climbing.?

The actress, who is also appearing in the upcoming ?X-Men: First Class,? said her past diet regime for the mutant shape shifter Mystique is helping her prepare to play Katniss.

?We all pretty much have to get in supernatural shape for this,? she explained. ?The dieting probably for ?X-Men? is helpful.?

Jennifer ? who is now sporting long dark locks ? laughed off complaints made by some about her not having the same hair color as her District 12 Tribute character.

?It was funny because everyone was upset that I was blonde, and I was like, ?I?m gonna dye it,?? she said.

?The Hunger Games? is set to begin filming in North Carolina, and the film will hit theaters on March 23, 2012.

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