X-Men: First Class: Fox ?Discussing Sequels Internally?

It seems that Fox is discussing sequel potential for X-Men: First Class! Today I found this article on Screenrant.com and I’d like to encourage you to read it. There are also slow news (Unfortunately, there are no news, nor photos…), so I’m thinking about doing new layout for the site. Would it be a good idea to put new layout up? Let me know.

In a bit of non-news, the executives behind-the-scenes at Twentieth Century Fox are reportedly discussing sequel potential for X-Men: First Class, a film that so far has achieved the highest critical acclaim against its comic book movie competition this year. Producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Bryan Singer, director Matthew Vaughn and most of the cast have already opened in interviews up about their desires and ideas for a sequel, and since First Class made money and fans ate it up, of course it?s getting one. It?s just a matter of when.

Both Singer and Vaughn have plenty of ideas for X-Men: First Class 2 which would likely keep the series set in the ?60s, but based a few years later, again tied into real historical events. When you think about it, they could go on with many more films before needing to introduce some of the characters we met in Bryan Singer?s first X-Men film (Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm, etc.).

With The Wolverine beginning production in October (according to star Hugh Jackman) and X-Men Origins: Deadpool already have a script, Ryan Reynolds starring and Tim Miller directing, a sequel to First Class will likely come after those two projects. There?s also the X-Men 4 that Donner keeps mentioning?