Jennifer Lawrence among Emma Watson and Chlo? Moretz on InStyle UK’s The Hot 100 Under 25 List.

There is new British InStyle with beautiful Dianne Kruger on the cover on stands now. In this birthday issue, the magazine published its list of 100 people under 25 age who you’ll still be talking in 10 years’ time. Jennifer is on that list — she scored 34 place! Congrats! The ranking includes stars like, among others, Fanning sisters (9/10), Miley Cyrus (20), Nicholas Hoult (37), Emma Watson (44), Emma Stone (53), Jessie J (65), Gemma Arterton (89) and Amanda Seyfried (100).

Magazine Scans — InStyle UK, October 2011

There is also one page dedicated to women who will dominate the next decade’s style pages. They are: Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, M?lanie Laurent, Emma Stone, Teresa Palmer and Jessica Chastain.