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Lenny Kravitz on Jennifer Lawrence: “She is a young Meryl Streep”.

Yesterday, Us Weekly published its exclusive interview with rocker Lenny Kravitz — you can read it here. In the interview, musican talks his new album, his daughter Zoe, acting, The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence. He admited that Jennifer is really talented actress and personally family friend. Read what he said:

US Weekly: How has it been working with Jennifer Lawrence?
Lenny Kravitz: Oh man, I shot a scene with her yesterday and it was just the two of us, where our characters meet, and she is unbelievable. I hate comparisons, but she is a young Meryl Streep. This girl is for real and just acting with her, it just brought it to a level where she pulled me in so deeply, and the scene just became so real and at the end we had to pop out of it. It was someplace we had gone into and it was really beautiful. I learned actually a lot from her yesterday and she is fantastic.

US Weekly: You knew her through Zoe before you started filming, right?
Lenny Kravitz: Yes, and that makes it even more odd. She is a family friend and all of the sudden you have to be serious because when we are all together we are all quite silly. My daughter, her friends…we are quite a silly bunch, but it was great.

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