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Video: ‘The Hunger Games’ director Gary Ross on movie perspective.

(Source: MTV) As you know, the Hollywood Crush team has been holding “The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross hostage at our secret underground lair (or, y’know, chatting with him over Skype), in order to get lots of inside skinny on next year’s most hotly anticipated book-to-big-screen project. And this time around, we asked Gary about one of the most critical elements of adapting this book for film: getting the right perspective, so that it packs an emotional punch beyond that of a mere, mindless action flick. And once again, Gary proved that he’s got an understanding of the book right on a par with its most die-hard fans.

“That’s one of the fun things about it,” he said. “There are times when you’re viscerally inside [Jennifer Lawrence’s] shoes, and that’s the main experience.”

But wait! There’s more! Because in addition to being right inside Katniss’ head, we’re also going to get the experience of being a Panem resident, watching the Games on our own dystopian television.

Gary added, “And there are other times when you’re witnessing her the way they’re witnessing her in the Game?and she’s constantly being watched, which is one of the things that makes the book so compelling. But it’s mainly an intense first-person experience, inside Katniss’ shoes.”

As it should be, since the book is narrated by Katniss herself. And after our latest convo with the talented auteur, we’re thinking that the odds are ever in our favor…of really, really liking this movie.

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