X-Men: First Class star Lucas Till talks movie sequel and Jennifer Lawrence.

At an event this week on the 20th Century Fox lot promoting the new Blu-ray release of the hit summer film X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, Assignment X spoke with actor Lucas Till who plays new mutant Havok (aka Alex Summers) in the film. In the interview he talks his character, working on the set of the movie, potential sequel and Jennifer Lawrence. Here?s what he had to say?

Are you contracted for more movies?
I think we?re all set for the next two.

Have they talked about when the next movie would start?
No, I?m fine with that ? just give them time to really do it.

You were lucky because you didn?t have to do much FX work on X-MEN.
I was fortunate. I didn?t have to do anything, except my suit which until the last week didn?t have a zipper for my crotch. So I couldn?t go pee very easily, because I would have to unzip because it?s like a double-breasted suit. That was probably the hardest part ? and having to wait in my room. I would sit there and play RED DEAD: REDEMPTION for eight hours a day sometimes and not even work. Whereas Nick [Hoult] and Jennifer [Lawrence] and Jason [Flyming] had to go through hours of make-up before anyone got there.

Apart from that, Lucas talked with HitFlix at the Blu-ray/DVD release of X-Men: First Class in Hollywood on Thursday. He said:

I have so much respect for Jason, Jennifer, and Nick. They had to go through like hours of makeup before we even got there. It’s just rough.

Source: HitFlix, Assignment X