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Anton Yelchin on Jennifer Lawrence: ‘She’s super-talented. I love working with Jen. She’s my friend.’ has recently spoken with Anton Yelchin about his role in indie romantic drama ‘Like Crazy’, long-distance love, getting swallowed up in the role and the torture of co-starring with Jennifer Lawrence ;-). Full interview with Anton you can read here and here’s what he said about Jennifer:

Also interesting: we never saw you have sex with Felicity’s character, which is odd considering the movie is about your relationship. We do see you have sex with Jennifer Lawrence’s character, though.

I think it’s great. I’ve never spoken to Drake directly about this, but I’ve heard him talk about it. We shot a sex scene, maybe one or two, between Felicity’s character and I. I thought they weren’t necessary. Their relationship isn’t about sexual tension; you know they’re going to be connected when they’re having sex. But I thought it was necessary to have the sex scenes with Jen’s character, to show the distance from one another. I also think the no-sex thing makes Jacob’s relationship all the more poignant on-screen. You just see their moments of love with one another.

You also had Jennifer Lawrence as your love interest in ‘The Beaver’ — maybe you guys are meant to be lovers on-screen?

I’m very grateful for that, for many different reasons.

Well, she is pretty hideous.

Yeah, she certainly could be a little more attractive. It’s tough. No, but really, she’s super-talented. Coolest girl. She’s badass, from Kentucky, and grew up with a bunch of brothers. She doesn’t take sh-t from people. She’s so different from Sam [her character], who’s so gentle and fragile. I love working with Jen. She’s my friend… and I hope I get to work with her again.

You should get her to get you into ‘The Hunger Games.’

I should be! I’ll just be in the bushes: “Jen! Katniss! Hey! Over here!”

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