‘The Hunger Games’ Full-Length Trailer To Run For 2:30, And Receives ‘G’ Rating.

According to AlbertaFilmRatings.ca a full-length trailer for The Hunger Games movie will run for two-minutes, thirty seconds, and it has received a ‘G’ rating, what means that it will be able to be played in front of more films for maximum exposure.

As you probably know, the first teaser-trailer for The Hunger Games debuted in August on the MTV Movie Awards, and gave fans just a small glimpse at Katniss inside the Hunger Games arena, with a voiceover track from Liam Hemsworth as Gale. If you haven’t seen it yet, visit TheHungerGamesMovie.com .

Sources: Examiner.com, AlbertaFilmRatings.ca

There is still no information WHEN the trailer would be release, but we hope that really soon!