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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the ten actors to watch in 2012, according to Forbes.

Hello everybody, first and the foremost I’d like to apologise for not writing, but all in all there is nothing new. I have recently seen only one new picture of Jennifer, but nobody knows where it comes from, so I haven’t post it yet ;-(

Anyway, Forbes has recently published its list of 10 actors who have the chance to really break out in 2012. The list includes Jennifer Lawrence’s name, as well as Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games), Tom Hardy (Dark Knight Rises), Martin Freeman (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spiderman) among others. Full list you can see here. And here’s what they said about our Jen:

Of the three main actors in the upcoming Hunger Games movie, Lawrence has the most to win ? or lose. The film will only work for fans if Lawrence can achieve the balance of toughness and caring present in her character, Katniss.

That’s very much true…

PS. And I’d like to thank you for all your e-mails connected with links exchange! I’m so sorry that I haven’t replied and added you yet, but please, give me some time :) Thanks! :)

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