Gary Ross on Jennifer Lawrence: “I don?t know how I ever could have done this movie without Jennifer.”

Los Angeles Times has recently spoken to Gary Ross, the director of one of the highest anticipated movies of 2012 – The Hunger Games. Mr Ross talked to the magazine about his work as director, working on the set in North Carolina, look of the Capitol and Jennifer Lawrence, among others. You can check the full interview here and here’s what he said about Jennifer:

?Every moment is like this,? says Ross, 55, almost jubilant in his adoration for Lawrence, 21, who plays Katniss Everdeen ? the 16-year-old centerpiece to ?The Hunger Games.? Strong and feisty, Katniss is forced to fight for her life as part of her futuristic country?s perverse entertainment spectacle that pits teenagers against each other. ?She is so talented, it?s unbelievable.?

Ross said that he had been willing to give up the assignment if he couldn?t persuade Lawrence to take the role.

?I don?t know how I ever could have done this movie without Jennifer,? he said. ?I?m not sure I would have done it without her. She?s that important. More important than any other piece ? including me. She?s Katniss Everdeen.?