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Dayo Okeniyi on Jennifer Lawrence: “50 Percent Goofball, 50 Percent Academy Award Nominee”

E! Online has recently had the opportunity of talking with Dayo Okeniyi who plays Thresh in The Hunger Games movie. Young actor talked about Jennifer Lawrence, and called the film more “relatable” than both Twilight and Harry Potter. Full E! Online article you can read here and here’s what he said about Jennifer:

“Jen is 50 percent goofball, 50 percent Academy Award nominee”

“Right before a take, she’d be like ?Oh your fly’s undone,’ then Gary [Ross] would say ?Action’ and then she’d just go into Meryl Streep mode! And I’m like, ?How do you do that?!’

“She doesn’t take herself too seriously. You would never know for one day she’s carrying this movie on her shoulders? She’s really talented and deserves everything that’s happening for her.

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