Gary Ross on the Hunger Games perspective and Jennifer Lawrence

This is something for you, Tributes! Gary Ross, the Hunger Games director talked to MTV News recently about the first-person perspective used in the movie and called Jennifer ‘remarkable’! He revealed difficulties of shooting Tracker Jacker scene, the Tribute parade as well as scene with Rue. I’m posting this for all of you who are waiting for every little news related to Katniss/Jennifer, but I’m warning you: IT CONTAINS PLENTY OF SPOILERS! So, here we go!

“I’m not using voice-over for her. This thing is all from Katniss’ perspective,” he said of the story. “It is a first-person point of view. How do we put the viewer immediately and urgently in that experience they had when they read the book and they’re in Katniss Everdeen’s shoes? A lot of that is done cinematically. I spent a lot of time wondering and thinking about at the beginning of this process, ‘What does it really mean to be in the character’s point of view cinematically?’ I looked at a lot of really interesting references for that, but it comes down to: You don’t know more than the character knows.”

“You wonder about what she’s wondering about, you worry about what she’s worrying about,” he explained. “You don’t know things she doesn’t know, and as such, you wander and experience things through her eyes, so that’s the first job: How do we make people feel they’re walking in Katniss’ shoes and encountering the same obstacles and challenges she is?” he said. “A lot is done cinematically and a lot is having someone as good as Jen Lawrence.”