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Jennifer Lawrence covers April issue of Glamour Magazine!

Such a big surprise! Jennifer Lawrence graces April issue of a women’s magazine Glamour! Beautiful photoshoot was made by Simon Emmett specially for British magazine. In the interview Jennifer talks her love for British accent, fashion and men. As far as the fashion is concerned, she reveals she adores Topshop, Portobello Road and Selfridges. Moreover, American actress admits that she loves her job. Here’s some excerpts:

on British accent: British men have these wonderful manners, and everything they say is funnier just because of the accent. There?s this cute ?I?m trying to be adorable because I know you?re mad at me? accent, and then the drunk accent where all the consonants have vanished.

on dating actors: I don?t find myself attracted to actors, which is a weird thing to say when you?re dating one.

on British fashion: I love the relaxed way British girls dress. I think I dress like one. I like Topshop, Portobello Road and Selfridges ? although I always get Selfridges and Waitrose mixed up, which has led to a few disappointing shopping trips.

on fame, Kristen Stewart and her job: I look at Kristen Stewart now and I think, ?I?d never want to be that famous?. I can?t imagine how I?d feel if all of a sudden my life was pandemonium. But I love my job. I can take months off, and I get a lot of money ? way more money than any 21-year-old should have ? so what is there really to complain about?

I’m still looking for photos and scans from the magazine, so stay tuned. Meanwhile you can take a look at these pics which we already have. :-)

Magazine Scans — Glamour UK, April 2012


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