Video: Could Jennifer Lawrence survive the games in real life?

DistrictSugar prepared a surprise for us — the next part of the video interview with the cast of The Hunger Games! In the short clip Jennifer and Josh, among others, reveal in what way they could survive the REAL games. Check it out! :)

“Welcome back to DistrictSugar! In our latest exclusive from our sit-down interviews with the cast of The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and Elizabeth Banks reveal how they would fare in a real-life arena. Do they think they could survive the games? Check out their answers and learn the casts’ secret skills that might surprise you. Check back for tons more inside scoop from The Hunger Games stars and go behind-the-scenes of the film with all our DistrictSugar specials. It’s all leading up to the March 23 release of The Hunger Games so don’t miss a minute of the action!”