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Video: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth talk brutal on-set pranks

DistrictSugar posted another part of the interview with The Hunger Games cast — Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. In the interview, actors talk some of their on set antics, for example Josh reveals just what he did to terrify Jennifer. Check out the following video and the transcript!

Jennifer: I accidentally gave Josh a concussion, and then cried for two days. But that was just because, we were, because we both trained in combat for the movie, so we were both practicing. It was actually a perfect death blow kick to the temple, it was perfection.
DistrictSugar: Did he get back at you at all?
Jennifer: He put a dead dummy on my toilet, holding toilet paper. It scared me and I peed my pants a little bit.
DistrictSugar: Sounds terrifying.
Jennifer: Yeah. Exactly. So he was worse.
Josh: We had a life sized dummy, it was all gnarly looking and mangled, and I actually put in her trailer, in her bathroom. So when she opened up her bathroom bathroom, she saw a rotting human being. Sources tell me that she actually peed her pants. I didn’t see it for a fact. I’ve always heard of this myth of peeing ’cause you laugh so hard, but apparently it actually happened.
Jennifer: The dummy thing had me for a little bit. He and my friend Justine would come up with just weird, scary stories to scare the hell out of me because we were both staying in the same hotel. And he’d be like, “Yeah, it was an old brothel and they used to kill the women love it. It’s supposed to be one of the most haunted hotels of all time, then I’d be like laying in bed, going oh my god.
Josh: I just, I have to keep a set fun, and laid back. It’s your work environment, especially with one like this where a lot more serious team, you wanna have much fun more often as you possibly can.
Liam Hemsworth: She’s really really quick and quirky. And you know, a lot of times right before action she’ll say something to make you slip up or laugh and then the next minute, you know, it’s action and then you’re laughing and you get in trouble ’cause she’s tricked you on that, she’s smart, she’s tricky.

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