ET’s interview: Jennifer on Stewart’s fame & her reaction to prank that Josh Hutcherson played on her

ET had a chance to talk with The Hunger Games cast — Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Wes Bentley, Donald Sutherland, Jennifer and Elizabeth Banks. Jennifer set the record straight about some recent issues that were inaccurately disseminated in the press.


On Kristen Stewart’s fame status: I meant I wouldn’t have wanted the way that [fame] happened to her,” she clarified. “Those movies came out and they just exploded [into fame]. They had no idea?I wouldn’t want to be famous?by complete surprise.

On her reaction to an on-set prank that co-star Josh Hutcherson played on her: [Josh] took this mutilated corpse thing and put it in my bathroom sitting on the toilet holding toilet paper and shut the door so that I go into my trailer, open the door, and freak out,” she recounted.

I had to pee and then I open the door [and got scared] so a tiny bit of pee came out … and then he goes on Ellen DeGeneres and was like, ‘She peed her pants.’ I didn’t fully pee my pants – she explained.

Donald Sutherland who plays President Snow in this interview said that Jennifer was a “great actor” and she’s perfect Katniss! He said that she looked like Elizabeth Taylor, Mona Lisa, “but always what she looks like is Katniss Everdeen”.