‘Hunger Games’ Unscripted: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson & Elizabeth Banks answer questions

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) and Elizabeth Banks (Effie) have recently answered “The Hunger Games” fans’ questions during the interview with Moviefone Unscripted. Unfortunately, the full video interview hasn’t been released yet, but I have for you 3 videos where Jennifer talks about the message of the film and Katniss-Peeta’s nickname, among other things. :-) Check it out!

What is the one message you took from this movie and what do you hope others get from it?

“Hunger Games” fans seem eager to give Peeta and Katniss a couple’s nickname (ala ‘bennifer’). What’s the strangest fan nickname you’ve heard so far?

What’s the funniest “Hunger Games” fan encounter you’ve experienced? (For the video, I’d like to thank HGGirlOnFire.com)

And here’s the preview clip of what we can expect more from Jennifer, Josh and Elizabeth!