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Jennifer Lawrence attends “The Hunger Games” red carpet premiere in Paris, France

Bonsoir ? tous! Today night “The Hunger Games” trio, the director Gary Ross and Elizabeth Banks (who plays Effie Trinket) attended the movie premiere in Paris, France. They all looked totally fabulous when they were giving the interviews, greeting the fans, taking the photos with them and signed the autographs. For that big night, Jennifer wore a stunning black dress and straightened her hair. She looked stunning, didn’t she? :-)

Public Events — The Hunger Games – European Premiere in Paris

Stay tuned for the video interviews from the event and check out the photo gallery!

At the end, I’d like to thank Anna Maria who is helping me with the site! :) You might not know it, but she adds for you the photos from “The Hunger Games” premieres when I’m not able to do it by myself.

Edit: More photos have been added :)

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