Jennifer Lawrence plans to use her fame to justify being a ‘homebody’

I’ve just found on and article and short interview with Jennifer, who was worried she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without being recognised once the film took off, but now believes it might be a blessing in disguise. She plans to use her fame to justify being a ‘homebody’.

She explained: I don’t really like going out that much. I’m kind of a homebody, so I was stressing out one time about movies and that I won’t be able to go out to dinner — I won’t be able to go to a bar and just hang out. But then I’m always lying to get out of those things anyway. So now I just have an excuse — ‘I can’t go, I’m famous’.

But there are some ambitions she won’t get to fulfill now she is in the public eye. She told The Sun newspaper: I guess I feel I have to be more mature. I can’t really, like, moon the paparazzi or anything, which is always my dream.

Meanwhile the body-confident actress admits she spent most of her time on set eating to make up for the weight she lost whilst training to become teenage hunter Katniss Everdeen for the movie.

She said: It was intense. I had training about three times a day for a few months. Then, once we started working, I had to have the training just for endurance because it was so many hours. It was great to lose weight because it was unintentional. I didn’t go to the gym once. It was just a really physical movie.

I actually ate more on that movie than I ever have on any other because it was non-stop and physical and I needed energy. I ate a ton. Any picture you see of me from that set, I’m probably eating.