Jennifer Lawrence said of Katniss: ‘She’s a dream woman”

ETOnline has just aired new interview with Jennifer, where she talks about getting the role of Katniss, message of the movie and the training. She also said that she was very committed to her The Hunger Games character.

What was about the role of Katniss: “She’s an amazing character and I was very passioned about the books…. I don’t really feel like I’d be better than anybody else. That was an awkard question… Simply, I was the best [laugh]”

On Katniss: She’s a dream woman, she’s a female hero that doesn’t even try to be a hero.

Jennifer asked for the message of the film said: To fight for what is right and to not be quiet when something is wrong.

She also talked about the training — free-running, climbing, yogaWatch the interview below!