Jennifer Lawrence on ‘X-Men: First Class’ sequel: ‘If they write me in, I’m in’

HotFlix talks to Jen about the possibility of coming back on the set of ‘X-Men: First Class’ sequel. As far as I’m concerned I would love to see Jen as Mystique again! Watch the following wideo to know what Jennifer said!

I don’t know, I mean…if they write me in, then I’m in, but I don’t even know if there’ll be…I’ve only heard what everybody else has heard, just whispers. I haven’t heard the official word yet.

Of course, if the sequel happens it’s hard to imagine Lawrence not reprising her role – and besides, like the rest of the main cast it’s likely she’s contracted for at least one more film anyway. Not that she minds.

On her experience making ‘X-Men: First Class’: It’s a cool thing, I’m Mystique. That’s a cool… she’s kind of like a historic superhero, and that’s really important to a lot of people, and these comics have been around for so long. It was a cool thing to be a part of.