Lenny Kravitz on Jennifer Lawrence: “She?s so funny, such a joy to be around.”

Lenny Kravitz (who plays Cinna in The Hunger Games) has recently talked to Movieline on getting a part in the film, his character, Gary Ross and what he thinks about Jennifer Lawrence. In case you didn’t know, Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence know eachother through his daughter Zoe, who co-starred with Jennifer in “X-Men: First Class”.

Your scenes in the film are mostly comprised of just you and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, and you two share a great chemistry together. But you had already known her prior through your daughter Zoe, who was also in X-Men. What was your relationship like with her before making the movie together?

She used to come over, and I?d go to London and see them. I mean, I fell for her the day she walked in my house. This girl is family. She?s so funny, such a joy to be around. She brings sunshine to any situation. And obviously it was a plus to find out, because when I told Gary I would do the movie I asked, ?Who?s playing Katniss?? ?It?s Jennifer Lawrence.? And I was like, ?Wow ? she was just in my house cooking breakfast!?

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