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Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson on Jennifer: “She?s completely unpredictable in every way.”

“The Hunger Games” promotion aren’t slowing down, I found another interview with the cast, this time Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson gave the interview to TeenHollywood. They talked their characters, preparations for the roles and how they got them, among other things. Here you can read the full interview, and below you can read what they said on Jennifer Lawrence.

TeenHollywood: You two are rivals for Katniss (Jennifer) in the movie. What surprised you about Jennifer?

Liam: I assumed that she was going to be a pretty straight-edged sword and she?s completely unpredictable in every way. Amazing to work with but you never know what she?s going to do or say.

Josh: Exactly. She?s one of those people who doesn?t have much of a filter between what she thinks and what she says which is really refreshing and fun to be around but you never know what she?s going to say. I remember the first conversation I had with her went from catheters to zombies, to the apocalypse to religion, demons, everything. That was the very first conversation I ever had with her.

TeenHollywood: Catheters?

Josh: It was like, ?Hi, what do you think about catheters going in? Hurts, right?? I was like, ?Jennifer, I don?t know how to react to what you?re saying right now because I don?t know what you?re saying?. It?s just out there and over the top.

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