Photos and video of Jennifer Lawrence on ‘Good Morning America’ (March 21)

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at ?Good Morning America? in New York City this morning. She looked adorable in a white blouse with a long blue skirt and white heels as she chatted with Robin Roberts about her newfound mega-fame.

Out & About — March 21 – in NYC, before/after “Good Morning America”

When asked if she?s ready for the craziness of uber-popularity, Jennifer shared, ?I?m as ready as you can be. There?s no way to prepare for people screaming in your face- in a good way. It?s just a weird thing to attest to, so I hope so.?

As for why she took three days to accept the ?Hunger Games? gig, Lawrence explained, ?It was just a huge decision that I didn?t feel could be made in a phone call. There?s not a lot of decisions that you make that will change your life forever. And it will never go back. I didn?t know if i was ready for my life to veer in this direction yet.?

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