“The Hunger Games” costume designer on dressing Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks

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Anyway, I have some new information for you, but it’s nothing big. I found something that “The Hunger Games” costume designer had said about Jennifer Lawrence to Grazia Magazine, therefore you can read it below. For full interview, visit GraziaDaily.co.uk.

Grazia Daily: What was Jennifer like to dress?
Judianna Makovsky: With the more dressed-up garments, Jennifer would just let me do what I do but she had a lot to say about the clothes she wore in the arena because she had to do a lot of her own stunts so they all had to be super functional. The fabric even had to be fire-proof! But, mostly, Jennifer is very funny. She?s very down to earth and not very glamorous in real life, she?s just a normal girl and she?s really, really funny so we laughed a lot in the fittings. She was definitely the on-set prankster!