The Telegraph interview: Jennifer Lawrence: ‘The Hunger Games could happen’

In the recent interview with The Telegraph, Jennifer talks about humanity’s love of violence, meeting ‘weirdo’ celebrities and getting ‘sucked up’ to since her Oscar nomination. I posted some excerpts below, but if you want to read the full interview, visit I added to the photo gallery a picture of the cover which I had found on Tumblr. Take a look!

On the celebrities whom she now encounters at work and at awards ceremonies: I?ve met so many weirdos. So many famous people who?ve gone off the deep end. I was getting worried. Thinking, “Will I be the same?”

On Jodie Foster: Jodie gave me hope because she?s not only sweet and nice and great, she?s also the most normal and down-to-earth person. It?s like she has no idea that she?s famous. I remember looking at her and thinking, ?Thank God! It can happen!?

On being sent endless scripts for similarly androgynous, hard-up roles: Like it or not, the film industry is mainly run by men and men aren?t the best at seeing past appearances. If they see me with chapped lips, beat-up face and wool hat, they?re never going to cast me in a womanly, feminine role. Men are stupid when it comes to things like that.

On not being sociable in her childhood: ‘I spent a lot of time alone. My mum used to worry about me. She was prom queen, always socialising, and I never wanted to go to parties and that scared her.

On a framed photograph of the moment she found out about her Oscar nomination for Winter?s Bone hanging in her parents? home: My mum has her arms up in the air, my dad?s hugging me, my brother?s clapping ? everybody?s happy. Except me. I just look aghast. They?ve jokingly labelled it ‘The worst moment of Jennifer?s life?.