Read: Translated interview with Jennifer Lawrence for German ‘Interview’ magazine

I’ve just found translated interview with Jennifer for German ‘Interview’ magazine. I really encourage you to read it although it is not her the most entertaining and the most interesting interview which she has ever made. Jennifer talked to Drew Barrymore about various things — living out of the suitcase, being a mom (if she wouldn’t have been an actress), how a guy should ask her out on a date, which painter (dead or alive) could paint her portrait and which male/female character she would like to be if she lived in a novel. As far as the translation is concerned, I can’t take any of the credit. For english version of the interview I would like to thank Alvedansen from!

Drew Barrymore: I?ve just been in the vegetable garden, my hands are still dirty. How are you?
Jennifer Lawrence: I?m fine. I just drank three cups of coffee and am a bit jittery now.
DB: I know what you mean. I?ve switched to ice tea to reduce my caffeine intake.
JL: I?d die without coffee.
DB: I know, coffee helps to make the worst situations bearable. Where are you at the moment?
JL: In Minnesota, in my hotel room.
DB: I?m so excited that I get to interview you.
JL: I?m so glad that you were willing to do so. Jodie Foster interviewed me in my previous Interview spread, but that was for the American edition.
DB: I recently met her in a restaurant, my whole body was shaking. She?s amazing. I?ve admired her my entire life?
JL: ?and then you meet her and she is so normal. And wonderful. And nice. As if she didn?t even know that she?s our idol.
DB: I always like that the best. There is nothing worse than meeting one of your heroes and then be disappointed by them.
JL: I know. I?ve just met John Stamos, you know, the uncle of the Olsens? in Full House. I had a little breakdown because I was so excited. He was so charming ? if he hadn?t been charming, I would have never recovered from that. It would have ruined my life. Can you imagine: you meet Uncle Jesse and he ISN?T nice?

DB: I recently realized that John Stamos is alarmingly good-looking, he has aged well. And in a very natural way, without any plastic surgery. He hasn?t aged at all.
JL: Absolutely. He was looking so good that I turned into a dirty guy. I was starring at his *ss the whole time. I usually never do that.
DB: You?re starring at his *ss and you feel like a man and not like a woman? That?s interesting.
JL: I had the urge to grab his *ss and be like: ?Hey man, what?s up??
DB: You should?ve done it. I?m sure he would?ve loved it?
JL: ?or he would?ve slapped me in the face?
DB: ?but that can also be fun. I?ve read in one of your interviews that you can be quite possessive when it comes to the characters you want to play. You said you often felt like only you really understood them.
JL: Yeah, it may sound a little strange and artsy fartsy, but sometimes I feel like the characters are my soul mates. And by that I don?t mean that I think that I?m the best actress ? there are thousands that know more about acting than me. But every now and then I feel like I know and understand a character so well that I can speak for them without it sounding fake or contrived. But that only happens very rarely. So when it happens, I really want to play the part.
DB: When I read that I immediately fell in love with you. I feel exactly the same way. As an actress you know that there are many ways to play a character. But then you read a script and think to yourself: oh please, don?t let that girl look like a victim; she?s strong, I know she is strong. Or: she?s funny and full of life and if someone should dare portray her as being depressive and nasty, you will get in trouble with me.
JL: Yeah, you fall in love with your characters and then you start to imagine all the ways they could be wronged. That was the case when I met Gary Ross, the director of THG, and I told him: ?I completely understand when you think I?m the wrong person for this part. But whoever gets it, you mustn?t allow her to make Katniss seem too cool. Although she has to be strong when she shoots her opponents, she?s also sad, desperate and scared. There mustn?t be a single moment in the whole movie in which she isn’t aware of the fact that she could be killed herself.?
DB: If you?ve read a script and know you really want the part, do you get calm or restless so that you can?t sleep all night because you know you will have to fight hard to get the part?
JL: I?m usually calm, but it?s a strange feeling. On the one hand I?m happy that I found this special character, a soul mate, if you wanna call it that. But at the same time I also know that there?s not much I can do to really get to play the part, at least not immediately. Somehow I manage to turn off my mind. I get something to eat and lay down on the couch.
DB: You lie down on the couch to eat ? I love you, you?re amazing. You?re everything I want in a man.
JL: Exactly, every time my friends come over, we?re lying on the couch, eat and drink and think: that?s what you imagine a good marriage to be like.
DB: Totally, I feel the same way?peanut butter or marmalade?
JL: Peanut butter.
DB: Great.
JL: Are there even people who only eat marmalade? Without anything on top?
DB: Yeah, me. I recently had to, I was practically forced to.
JL: Why were you forced to eat marmalade?
DB: I had guests over for lunch, it was like a Thai-pasta-peanut butter-extravaganza, in the end there was no peanut butter left. And then, a couple of days later, I was craving something sweet and the only thing left was strawberry marmalade from the Chateau Marmont. I put it on a toast. It was good.
JL: Oh, on toast. Toast changes everything, of course I also like marmalade on toast. But I can eat peanut butter without toast, right out of the glass.
DB: Right? I would love to jump naked into a jar of peanut butter, that would make my day.
JL: When I get my first big check, I want to bathe in a swimming pool full of pasta. Until I can afford that, I?ll stay in my two room apartment and stock up on pasta.
DB: How do you like pasta the best?
JL: With Bolognese sauce, very simple.
DB: I?m currently obsessed with ramen those Japanese noodle soups?
JL: Oh my god, I hadn?t even thought about those. Ramen with chicken, of course, so good.
DB: When I?m in a place I?m not familiar with I google where to find good ramen.
JL: I buy mine at the liquor store around the corner. It?s perfect, there?s alcohol and good ramen. Thinking about it, I shouldn?t move away.
DB: Where do you live anyway?
JL: In Santa Monica.
DB: Would you rather fly around in the sky like a bird or swim in the depths of the ocean like a fish?
JL: Fly like a bird. However, I think it would be much more interesting to watch fish in the ocean than see the world from a bird?s perspective ? I bet you?ll get bored after a while. But still, I?d rather fly than swim. It?s complicated. I should be a flying fish.
DB: Imagine to be living in a novel: which male character would you like to be and which female character?
JL: Goodness? for a second I was thinking about a JD Salinger novel, but that?s obviously stupid, nobody would like to live in a Salinger novel.
DB: Because it?s too existential?
JL: Yeah, and add to that the 50s, that’s not for me. For some reason I can only think of people I wouldn?t want to be. For example the mother in We need to talk about Kevin. How about that? I would like to be Jesus from the bible. And Kitty from Anna Karenina. I like how she manages to not look at life as a problem, but to take it without any drama and complications. I admire people like that, who don?t get thrown off the tracks by anything.
DB: I?m on page 600-something in that book. It?s seems to be my life?s biggest challenge to finish that book.
JL: You?re currently reading it?
DB: I?m reading five books, and it?s one of them. I had heard that it?s one of your favourite books. But go on: Which male character would you like to be?
JL: Difficult. Maybe someone from a book by Hunter S. Thompson, but then I?d be drunk every day, I?m not sure if I would want that. I?m sorry, I can?t think of anyone ? and no matter which character I?ll pick, it would haunt me for life. So my answer shouldn?t be too stupid, which doesn?t really make it any easier. Who would you like to be?
DB: Me? No idea!
JL: ?see! I can only think of characters I wouldn?t want to be. And Jesus. And maybe Ross from Friends. Yeah, that?s my final word: I?d like to be Jesus and Ross from Friends.
DB: Next question: day or night?
JL: Day, because I?m scared of ghosts. Just yesterday when I moved into a new room at the hotel, I was deeply convinced that I shouldn’t wash my face, because if I would look into the mirror, I would actually see a ghost. And then I had to search the whole hotel room for traces of ghosts.
DB: Maybe you should only go to bed at sunrise.
JL: Yeah, sunbeams are always a relief. A new day where I can?t get murdered by a ghost!
DB: May I ask for how long you?ve been scared of ghosts?
JL: Forever. I have to add though that I have the imagination of people that are considered crazy. Every time I see people on the street who yell and talk nonsense I sympathize with them. Their behaviour makes total sense to me.
DB: Q-tip or Kleenex?
JL: Q-tip.
DB: Exactly. You can better get into?
JL: ?orifices, totally. I?m a sticker not a wiper.
DB: (shrieks) Steak or fish?
JL: Steak.
DB: If you could invent something, what would it be?
JL: You won?t believe me, but particularly in the morning, when I wake up, I come up with amazing things that need to be developed. For example a dishwasher that puts the clean plates back into the cupboard. Every time I?m at work and I think of the dishes in the dishwasher I instantly get depressed.
DB: For some unexplainable reason it?s not so bad to put the dishes in the dishwasher than to take them out.
JL: Oh, and something that?s been on top of my list since my school days is the fart filter that filters out not only the smell but also the sound.
DB: Oh Jennifer, you?re great?whom can you rely on?
JL: My mom, although I fight with her all the time. From the time she picks up the phone and says hi she gets on my nerves. But I constantly call her, no matter if something good or bad has happened. And then I wonder whether I will ever be able to separate from her. She?s amazing. And of course I can also rely on my dad; by the way, I never fight with him. But I can rely on my brothers the most. They know me the best, I believe they have never lied to me.
DB: That?s great?
JL: ?but at the same time they are always very mean to me. Do you know when someone says something super mean to you like: ?Your hair looks like sh*t!? and you thought you had made a really good friend? It?s like that with my brothers.
DB: When you?re travelling, do you a) make a mess in your hotel room, or b) make yourself at home or c) live out of the suitcase?
JL: I live out of the suitcase. Only when I?m shooting a movie do I put some pictures and stuff like that on the night stand. Actually I?m ridiculously chaotic but at the same time compulsively orderly. This is why I usually make a huge mess and am then so irritated by it that I have to tidy it all up and clean everything.
DB: You have one week left to live ? how would you cope with that?
JL: I would do all the things I?ve been meaning to do for a long time, preferably things that I?m scared to do because they?re dangerous: Base jumping, skydiving, stuff like that. I would travel, although there?s not much time to do so; after all I?ve only got one week. Of course I would eat a lot. And I would visit my family in Kentucky.
DB: But since you have a long and happy life ahead of you, I would now like to know what you would do if you weren?t an actress.
JL: Naturally, I would like to produce and direct movies, but those are boring answers since those are both parts of the movie industry. Besides that I would like to be a mom. Even when I was a baby myself I wanted to have a baby ? that?s also a boring answer, but that?s it.
DB: That?s not a boring answer at all ? especially since being a director and being a mom are quite similar professions. I?m sure you would be great at both.
JL: My goodness, Drew, don?t always say stuff like that. After this interview I will walk around cockily and say: ?Hey guys, are you ready to fall in love with me??
DB: Are you someone that?s always too warm or someone who?s always freezing?
JL: I?m always too cold ? that?s probably gonna be engraved on my tombstone. My feet are always cold, it?s terrible, they are as cold as a corpse. My hands as well.
DB: When a guy enters the room, what could he do to get your attention?
JL: Smile, I?d say. But not that professional smile, that look-how-nice-i-can-smile smile, but he would have to smile in a cute and modest way. And make eye contact. Eye contact is important.
DB: What shouldn?t he be wearing by any means?
JL: A baseball cap back to front and T-Shirts that are inappropriate for his age, the ones that are supposed to tell you: ?Hey, I?m still cool, I can still wear this!? And you?re just like: No, unfortunately you?re not really cool.
DB: I?m very repulsed by guys who wear white sneakers?
JL: ?oh god, grandma shoes?
DB: ?yeah, I don?t mean Adidas shoes from the 80s, but those comfortable and sporty ones ? disgusting. Okay, next question: How should a guy ask you out on a date?
JL: With confidence and in a funny way, as if the whole thing was just a joke. That?s probably because I grew up with two brothers. When someone tries to be even remotely romantic I immediately crack up. I?m rolling on the floor when someone says ?Jennifer, you?re so beautiful? or stuff like that ? and that doesn?t make a nice impression.
DB: Luckily we?re very different when it comes to that. Imagine you?re sitting in a cinema watching a movie and you could go up to the screen and be part of the movie, just like in Woody Allen?s Purple rose of Cairo ? which movie would it be?
JL: You ask questions?Midnight in Paris comes into my mind, but probably only because you mentioned Woody Allen. But the first thing I thought of was Bridget Jones?
DB: What?
JL: I was recently asked whom I would like to interview and the person I immediately thought of was Hulk Hogan. Sometimes I think I should rather have more deep and artistic answers ready, but the truth is that I’d like to be Bridget Jones and I am interested in Hulk Hogan. But Midnight in Paris would also be an option.
DB: That?s my favourite movie of last year.
JL: Mine too.
DB: Because it was so smart. Because he was saying how you shouldn?t romanticise the past but be brave enough to live in the present. Sometimes you watch movies that teach you an important lesson. Like Midnight in Paris or Up.
JL: Oh, Up. Drew, now I also fell in love with you. Up was so amazing, I cried the whole time.
DB: Who is the love of your life?
JL: I don?t know; I think I?m too dumb and too young to know who the love of my life is. I probably haven?t even met that person yet.
DB: Would you rather be tickled all over for five minutes in a cruel, amazing and ruthless way or walk down an unfamiliar street naked and blindfolded?
JL: Walk down the street naked and blindfolded. I hate being tickled.
DB: It is awful.
JL: Terrible. But walking down a street naked, no problem. I walk around naked at home all the time anyway. And when my eyes are blindfolded I wouldn?t even notice who?s watching me.
DB: What?s your favourite colour?
JL: It depends on the item. Do you mean a wall or a car or a house? Maybe a deep and dark crimson. Every time I buy cosmetics I pick creams in crimson packaging.
DB: If you had to decide on something you would have to eat a whole year, what would it be?
JL: Chicken fried rice with a lot of soy sauce.
DB: With a lot of soy sauce so you wake up super bloated the next day.
JL: Oh yeah, I?ve read about that. You have a tradition to eat Chinese every Sunday, with a lot of soy sauce. You would wake up bloated but it? be worth it.
DB: Absolutely.
JL: I stuffed myself with Cheetos yesterday and then someone said: ?oh no, you will have to work all that off tomorrow.? And I was just like: ?I don?t care, the stuff tastes amazing.? As the saying goes: One moment on your lips, forever on your hips. But what to do, when the moment is so great?
DB: Which country could you imagine to live in for one year?
JL: England. I know that doesn?t sound to adventurous. But I feel at home there. But I have never been to Greece or India, I?d like to go there.
DB: India is amazing.
JL: Okay, then I?ll go to India.
DB: Which painter, dead or alive, would you like to paint your portrait?
JL: I guess Picasso would be fun, but Rembrandt?s shadows would be more interesting. I?d say Rembrandt.
DB: You could also eat everything you?d like, you would look beautiful in any case if Rembrandt painted you.
JL: What a dream: Being able to eat Cheetos and still look beautiful.
DB: Now to my last question: A tooth gap or freckles?
JL: Tough. But since I like teeth: Tooth gap. Only this morning I told someone that I like crooked and big teeth, teeth that are actually too big for one?s mouth.
DB: My god, this was great. I will go back to my vegetable garden all cheery and pleased, smiling the whole time.
JL: And I will go to the Mall of America now, also smiling, this was really, really great.