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Taylor Swift looks up to Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence in film career

It seems that Taylor Swift is definitely Team Katniss! In her recent interview with The Inquirer an American country pop singer admitted that our Jennifer and the another young Hollywood star, Emma Stone are her idols, as far as the acting is concerned.

Who among today?s actors do you look up to?
Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite, and Emma Stone is one of my best friends. We?ve been best friends since we were 17. Daniel Day-Lewis is so impressive, but I also love how, when Will Smith does something, everyone stands at attention. He?s made such brilliant decisions. He?s so charismatic.

Taylor is a novice in film industry, but she’s experienced at music. She was nominated and she won Grammy Award several times, and we can know her more from her song “Safe & Sound” which appeared in “The Hunger Games” soundtrack. Good luck, Taylor! You will go far if you look up to such a great actress like Jennifer Lawrence!

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