Help Drew win a design contest! Vote!

This post may not be closely related to Jennifer, but we?d like to help our friend from win a design contest ;-) Here?s an original message that we received from Drew, we hope we?ll help!

Do you want a new draw? Well, then we need your help!
Hello everyone, today, we need your help. If you like those T-shirts of The Hunger Games, and you want it to be printed so you can buy it, vote for us. The only thing you have to do is click on “5”, if you don’t have an account on Threadless, you can log in with Facebook and vote. You can also like it on facebook or tweet it so all your friends can vote for us too, you have until May 21st to vote.

Please, we really need your help, if both of out t-shirts wins, we will make a new draw, so if you want another one, you know what you have to do.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit and vote for t-shirts designed by Drew!