Jennifer Lawrence appears in September issue of Vogue US

One scan from September issue of Vogue US was added to our gallery. As you see she appears in completely new photoshoot! I reckon she looks really stunning. I really hope that full session will be published very soon. There is also quick article, where Jennifer talks fashion. You can read it below.

Magazine Scans — Vogue US, September 2012

“I have a quickie relationship with fashion,” says actress Jennifer Lawrence, laughing. “I wear a dress for one night on the red carpet, and that?s it.” Fashion, though, can only imagine a long-term future with the star of the cultish The Hunger Games, which catapulted the girl from Louisville into the realms of superstardom because of her turn as the creatively attired Katniss Everdeen. (Think Gaga? gone wild.) If designers are fixating on Lawrence, it?s in no small part due to her sunny gorgeousness and her cool casualness toward getting dressed. Her life in L.A. is equally low-key. “I pity the paparazzi,” she says. “There are only so many pictures they can take of meon the boardwalk in Santa Monica.”