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?Hunger Games? Star On Track for Oscar with New Film?

After yesterday’s premiere of Silver Linings Playbook, critics rave over Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper performances. I copied some excerpts of the reviews, you can read them below. As soon as there is more details on critical reception of ‘Silver Linings’, I’ll edit this post. Jennifer Lawrence is just 22 years old. She already has an Oscar nomination for ?Winter?s Bone.? She?s also the star of one of the biggest movie franchises in history, ?The Hunger Games.? But it?s going to be her work in David O. Russell?s ?Silver Linings Playbook? that will earn her another nomination this winter, and very likely a win. Lawrence is a revelation as Tiffany, a young widow with let?s say some socialization problems. At the film?s premiere tonight in Toronto at Roy Thomson Hall, it?s an understatement to say the audience was gobsmacked by her performance. But while the entire ensemble is sharp, their work would be nothing without two such deftly anchoring lead performances to bounce off. Cooper brings enormous heart to a role that might easily have veered toward the abrasive, and Lawrence shows off natural comic chops that we haven?t much seen from her until now. There?s self-exposure and risk in both these actors? work here, which makes for rewarding comedy. But none of this works without some carefully developed, and perfectly pitched performances from the leads, and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both arguably give career best, awards-worthy performances. We’ve frankly never seen Cooper in a role like this, one that requires him to not only to carry the film, but to play a nuanced character in Pat who is in big in personality, but also tremendously vulnerable. And Cooper toes all of it deftly, both commanding and pushing the story forward. He’s also outrageously funny. Lawrence may be an even bigger surprise to many as Tiffany, a young woman who is sexy, tough and also easily bruised, who not only has to manage Pat’s unpredictable nature, but also keep herself on an even keel to stop from sliding into self destructive tendencies. And the actress simply nails it, and one particular showdown with De Niro is awards reel ready, and earned deserved applause as well from the TIFF press audience. Well, good news for fans of Cooper or Lawrence: They’re the real deal, their Toronto Film Festival premiere Silver Linings Playbook being solid, wildly entertaining of the two performer’s talent. (…) Even with a great ensemble, Silver Linings Playbook is Cooper and Lawrence’s show. To the bitter end, Pat and Tiffany never get sappy with one another, always at each other’s throats over the feelings they harbor and the pasts they can’t shake away. Cooper loses himself in the chaotic mind of Pat without ever slipping into a caricature of the mentally ill. He can have stir up laughs with his desperate search for Pat’s missing wedding video and then shock us in the blink of an eye when things turn violent. Impressively, Lawrence’s Tiffany is never written down. She never succumbs to being a comforting presence, always provoking Pat to push himself. She’s a strong woman, but a strong woman juggling her own set of issues. Lawrence conveys all of that without missing a beat. That dynamic should be make Silver Linings Playbook the talk of the town come Oscar time.

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