Max Thieriot on beating Jennifer Lawrence in an archery competition has recently talked to Max Thieriot (“House at the End of the Street”) about his latest movie, as well as Jennifer Lawrence. It appears that Max Thieriot could possibly beat Jennifer Lawrence in an archery competition because “her arrow shooting is not really proper technique.” Don’t mess with Jen, Max… ;)

What was it like working with Jennifer?
It was great, she was fun, she was really down to earth and from a small town so it was a good time, and at that point in time she hadn?t done The Hunger Games, it hadn?t even come out actually.

Do you think you could take her in a fight?
In real life? Yeah.

Hands down?
I mean, Jen?s tough but yeah? I don?t know.

So you don?t think she?d win an arm wrestle?
I don?t think so.

Ok, so if you were in a Hunger Games scenario, do you think you?d be able to fight your way out or would you be one of the first to go?
I think that I would be able to fight to the end, I think that in real life, in a Hunger Games scenario, I could take down any of those people.

Even Jennifer?
Yeah, because I shoot a bow and arrow and I know the proper technique behind it and her arrow shooting is not really proper technique.

So in real life you could beat Jennifer in an archery competition?
Yeah, I mean, maybe not in the movie, in the movie she would beat me, but it?s a movie.

You had a bit of a kissing scene with Jennifer, how did that go?
I did, yeah there?s a bit of a kissing scene. It was fine, she?s very attractive and it was a kissing scene, I don?t know.

Did you practise beforehand or just go for it?
No we didn?t practise beforehand, and never really talked about it. These things don?t really come up before, just because it?s kind of a strange thing to talk about, like ?Hey, we?re going to kiss soon.? It?s kind of on the day, you know that you?re going to be kissing that day and so preferably you probably don?t have a tuna sandwich that day.

Maybe pop a mint?
Yeah probably, some gum.

Was it a bit awkward afterwards or do you just carry on with the day?
Just carry on with the day. It?s just like shooting any other scene.

Will there be a sequel?
I think that just depends on the success of the film.