Videos: Max Thieriot talks Jennifer Lawrence and House at the End of the Street

Max Thieriot has started promoting his new thriller “House at the End of the Street,” so he visited several studios to sit down and talk about the film, psychological aspect of the HATES, as well as what was it like shooting on location, working with Jennifer Lawrence, his character Ryan and more. Check out the interviews, I highlighted the time when Jen’s topic appears. :-)

2:18 What it was like making out with Jennifer Lawrence?
5:40 Working with Jen as one of his favourite parts of working on the film

2:25 Max Thieriot on kissing the then unknown actress Jennifer Lawrence

1:49 What it was like working with Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Sue?
7:18 Why do people want to see House at the End of the Street? Because of Jennifer Lawrence

1:22 Director Mark Tonderai and Max Thieriot on Jennifer Lawrence