Candids: Jennifer Lawrence takes a break and celebrates Thanksgiving in Hawaii

I have for you a bunch of Jennifer’s candid photos as she has taken a relaxing break from shooting “Catching Fire” and is currently spending her spare time with her family in Maui, Hawaii! :) 2 days ago, Jennifer was photographed when she was arriving at LAX airport in aviator shades that she swapped for a pair of eyeglasses when she waited to make her way through security. On Wednesday (November 21) Jen was spotted at a local market with her family in Honolulu. In the afternoon, she was seen with her brother wearing a light-blue top, printed skirt and a trucker hat as she took advantage of a break and went surfing. The same day, paparazzi caught her with her mother when she was going for a stroll. Check out the pics in the photo gallery.

Out & About ? at LAX airport in Los Angeles, November 20

Out & About ? at a local market in Honolulu, Hawaii with her family, November 21

Out & About ? in Maui, Hawaii, going surfing with her brother, November 21

Out & About ? in Maui, Hawaii, going for a stroll with her mother, November 21