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Jennifer Lawrence Drops By the ?Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Jennifer Lawrence swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about Silver Linings Playbook ahead of its release across the US today. Jennifer looked beautiful, which isn’t any surprise, and began the interview by joking that she has yet to reach the level of fame where she is prohibited from going anywhere, and she would have to dress up “as Katniss” from “The Hunger Games” in order for her to be recognized in some areas of the country. This discussion of home led to a funny discussion about the Academy Awards, as her mom decided to fill in the ballot rather than her after she was accepted into the academy. Luckily, her mom made an error in writing out her choices.

TV Shows & Interviews — The Ellen DeGeneres Show, November 21

?She has more fun than I do. She called me one time. Recently, I?ve just gotten into the Academy, which is really exciting for me. That?s exciting for any actor. And I get a call from my mother while I was in England and she goes, I did something hilarious. And I?m thinking what? And she?s like, I voted. And I was like, you voted for what? The Oscars. And I was like, you voted for the Oscars what do you mean? And she goes the ballot came here and I voted! Because she thought I?d be like [laughing] that?s hilarious. I?m going to get kicked out of the Academy. Fortunately, she did it wrong and mailed it back to herself, so I got to do it again.?

Check out Jennifer’s hilarious retelling of a mail-in snafu, and check out fragments of her interview with Ellen below!

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