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Jennifer Lawrence: ?I wanted the film as soon as I heard the words ?David O. Russell??

In the latest interview with TotalFilm magazine, Jennifer talks about audition for Silver Linings Playbook, lack of preparations for her role, and movie scenes difficult to shoot. Here’s some excerpts, for more from Silver Linings Playbook?s cast and crew, pick up the latest issue of Total Film magazine.

Battling against a host of the most talented actresses around, Lawrence won the film with an 11th-hour Skype audition, telling us: ?I wanted the film as soon as I heard the words ?David O. Russell?.?

Joining the project so late, didn?t leave Lawrence much time for prep. ?I didn?t really research what it?s like to have an entire neighbourhood think that you?re a slut,? she admitted, showing off the snarky sense of humour that?s made her as popular off-screen as on.

And the role is anything but uncomplicated, and it requires her to go toe-to-toe with some formidable actors, not least Robert De Niro. She showed up on set feeling, ?barely prepared? but [De Niro] was so supportive. He?s not intimidating, he?s just very comforting.?

When called on to unleash the waterworks, did Lawrence become an emotional wreck in front of Big Bob? ?No,? she demurs. ?When I do scenes like that, my body is shaking in between takes because of the adrenaline, but in my head I?m thinking, ?I wonder what craft services have for lunch today???

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