Vogue.it Video & Interview

In the wake of the stunning photo spread featuring Jen this past week, Vogue.it have released a behind the scenes video and excerpt from the article, you can check them both out below!

“I have never studied acting, yet the very first time I went for an audition and did a cold reading, I surprised everyone with my honesty and transparency. They told me that I could play any part, because I do not have walls, I do not place obstacles between myself and the character I have to play”.

“I was told I was too young, too pretty, too elegant, too sophisticated even. They kept paying me compliments”, she explains laughing, almost amused by what was happening to her. These are the reasons why Jennifer Lawrence risked not getting the part she would audition for in important films several times.

Not the role of Tiffany in the new The Silver Linings Playbook, by David O. Russell, award-winning film at the Toronto, Hollywood and Austin film festivals, praised at all the events where it was screened, and in which she stars alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. One part, this last one, that Jennifer managed to get with a single audition done via Skype. A role, which, according to the professionals in the field, will get her an Oscar nomination.

She admits she is unable to comprehend so much success in so little time, having had the luck to play alongside Robert De Niro. And, despite her admiration for De Niro, having accepted the role of Tiffany even before having read the script, out of total devotion to the work of the film director David O. Russell.

Jennifer?s strong personality also struck Raf Simons, who chose her for the Miss Dior new advertising campaign. “It is an honor to represent a brand that is so rich in meaning. Before accepting I wanted to be honest, to confess my defects”. She pauses, to then go on to reveal: “The worst thing was having to admit I don?t know how to walk in heels. When I wear them, I walk like an ogre”. If only to have problems of that kind?