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Jennifer Lawrence explains her “I Beat Meryl” Globes speech to Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence dropped by The Late Show in NYC yesterday. In conversation with host David Letterman, Jen responded to critics who felt that she disrespected Meryl Streep in her acceptance speech on Sunday night when she said, “I beat Meryl!” Of course, Jennifer was quoting First Wives Club, but was nonetheless apologetic about her joke.

Out & About (2013) ? in NYC, arriving for ‘Late Show’, January 15th [link]

“I had no idea Lindsay Lohan would take it to the Twitterverse,” Jennifer told Letterman, referencing Lindsay’s Sunday night tweet.

She said, “It’s never a good idea for me to wing it.” Jennifer added that she was confused so many people found her joke offensive. She explained, “I was like, is that what this turned into? I don?t like Meryl Streep? As if I?ve had my eyes on getting that girl forever and I was like, ‘Finally! I knew it would happen one day!'” ?I wanted to make a public statement, like: ?Hey idiots, it?s a quote. From a movie,?? the actress told Letterman in closing.

In her Letterman chat, Jennifer also said she honed her acting skills as a child, when she was ?a big liar.? She also discussed her bikini pics and, when Letterman told her she should have been cast in the also critically-acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty, she mistaked Barack Obama for Osama Bin Laden!

?I should?ve been in the background like, ?Yeah, catch him! Obama!? ?Obama?! I mean Osama?Bin Laden! Don?t catch Obama! Sorry. Sorry, Mr. President!?

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