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Video: Meet Jennifer Lawrence?s adorable parents! :)

Jennifer’s parents proved that they are just as charmingly down-to-earth as their daughter. During an Entertainment Tonight interview Jen?s father, Gary, proudly compared her to ?Secretariat in the Derby? while refusing to put down his glass of champagne?television-interview protocol be damned. Her mother, Karen, meanwhile, spontaneously teared up when the microphone was directed at her, explaining, ?I just can?t stop crying . . . I don?t have anything to say because we?ll embarrass her. We always do! I’m so proud because she’s remained who she is throughout this whole process and it hasn’t changed her. That’s what I’m proud of. I don’t care whether she wins or loses necessarily, but because she won and she’s stayed strong and true to herself, that’s what makes me proud.?

Jennifer, in turn, explained to her mother the mechanics of a microphone before covering her face and exclaiming, ?Mom, stop crying . . . God, this is embarrassing.?

Jennifer added: “This one is so special because it’s my peers and it’s people who I’ve looked up to since before I wanted to be an actor and [who] have inspired me. That they know who I am and that they voted for me, it’s incredible.”

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