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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper attend a party in support of The Glenholme School

A few days before the Oscars, Jennifer along with Bradley Cooper and Silver Linings Playbook director, David O. Russell attended a party hosted by Vanity Fair magazine and Barneys New York. On Wednesday, February 20, the upper crust get together to support The Glenholme School.

Public Events (2013) — Vanity Fair, Barneys New York And The Weinstein Company Celebration Of “Silver Linings Playbook” In Support Of The Glenholme School [link]

Since the actress and her good pal have partied together in Los Angeles, the buzz about their alleged affair isn’t tapering off… All in all, we’re not surprised – they’ve spent about 4 months on promoting “Silver Linings Playbook”, they’re both nominated for Oscars in Best Actress / Actor categories, have another movie at hand (“Serena”), and what’s more, Jennifer will meet up with Bradley on the movie set again! — this time they’ll work on David O. Russell’s “American Bullshit”. It seems that we must get used to see them together. Actually, we have nothing against, we’re looking forward to see the results of their collaboration!

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