Jennifer on the set of Abscam project in Boston, March 25 & 26

Jennifer has been recently photographed while heading to the set of the Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project in Boston, Massachusetts. She was also spotted on location the morning after, showing her unusual new look for the cameras. She’s sporting a glamorous blond updo, that’s a world away from her famous “Hunger Games” brunette braid. It’s a very different look for her, but it’s right in line with this new film’s 1970s setting. It’s a little hard to tell if that’s all Lawrence’s real hair piled up there, or if she’s wearing a wig. What do you think?

Movies (Abscam) ? on the set in Boston, March 25th [link]

ICYDK, The untitled David O. Russell film, originally called ?American Bullshit?, will follow the real life political drama Abscam, which was set up by the FBI in the 1970s and 80s. An FBI employee posed as a fictional Middle Eastern sheik named Kraim Abdul Rahman, who was videotaped taking meetings with government officials in which they agreed to take money for helping him gain asylum in the US, among other illegal activities. The investigation culminated in the conviction of a United States Senator and five members of the House of Representatives. Jennifer’s ?Silver Linings? co-star Bradley Cooper is among the all-star cast, marking this their third collaboration in as many years, as well as Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

Movies (Abscam) ? on the set in Boston, March 26th [link]