Jennifer Lawrence among TIME magazine’s most influential people

TIME magazine is out with its 100 most influential people in the world, and this year’s list features a wide array of entertainment figures — ranging from our Jennifer to Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. Every year, TIME puts all 100 of them on the cover, with a postage-stamp-size picture of each, but this year they made only seven cover portraits — they are Malala Yousafzai, Jay Z, Rand Paul, Elon Musk, Li Na, Aamir Khan and Jennifer Lawrence. Cover’s in our photo gallery, take a look!

Magazines (2013)TIME April/May 2013 [link]
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Jodie Foster (who directed “Beaver” which Jen starred in) wrote in the essay, explaining why Jennifer deserves to make TIME’s list:

“You?ll remember where you were when you first felt it, how you were stuck to one spot like a small animal considering its end. The Jennifer Lawrence Stare. It cuts a searing swath in your gut. A reckoning. I remember going to the cutting rooms of Winter?s Bone. I thought, Sure, this girl can act. But, man, this girl can also just be. All of those painful secrets in her face, the feeling that there?s some terrible past that?s left impossibly angled bone and weariness in its wake. She?s worn from the pain of living ? something none of her characters would ever have the energy to articulate. It?s just part of her, like skin and muscle. The good news is that Jen, her good-humored, ballsy, free-spirited alter ego with the husky voice and a propensity for junk food ? Jen, the spritely tomboy from Kentucky ? that Jen?s got it together. A hoot. A gem. A gem with a killer stare.”

The April 29, 2013 issue of TIME hits newsstands today.