Another new ?Catching Fire? still + ?Catching Fire? at Comic-Con

Few minutes ago Yahoo! Movies published new exclusive ‘Catching Fire’ movie still! Is shows Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) doing the District 11 salute and it also features escort Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks). You can check out new still in our gallery right now!

Filmography: Movies & TV Shows ? The Hunger Games: Cathing Fire, Stills (x01) [link]

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies, we also know when first full-lenght trailer will debut over the Internet.

(…) you’ll be able to see it online first ? right here on our hot new “Catching Fire” hub page, where you’ll be able to keep checking back for the latest news from now until the movie hits theaters on November 22.
Immediately after the 1:35 p.m. PT debut of the new full-length trailer in Hall H, you’ll be able to log onto and watch in to your heart’s content.

They also officialy confirmed that Jennifer will appear on SDCC. She will be sitting at that big, long table at the San Diego Convention Center next to Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Willow Shields, and director Francis Lawrence, introducing said trailer.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies